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Key Traceability Gather Social Experts for Remote Audit Discussion

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic many countries have applied lock-down measures to prevent any further outbreaks. As a result of this, fishing vessels cannot call to port due to restrictions on normal activities such as landings, provisions, or even crew members’ repatriations. However, social issues have not ceased on board the fishing vessels, in fact the industry is encountering increased issues linked to the restrictions. Social auditors have been unable to travel to conduct the ongoing social audits and therefore it became a priority to continue this important work within a remote capacity.

Key Traceability (KT) have continued to work on social improvement projects on board fishing vessels. As a rapid response to the COVID-19 situation, KT have successfully adopted a remote social audit process to identify social issues on board vessels.

KT hosted a webinar on 13 May 2020 using ICT to share recent remote auditing experiences and introduce the remote audit process to the wider auditing group (e.g. Patricia Bianchi and Libby Woodhatch) for input. The current restrictions may last for a while and until the situation improves it is essential for the work on social conditions to continue.

KT will continue to conduct remote social audits during this time and work with the fishing companies to mitigate social risks at sea.

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