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Key Traceability Celebrates Birthday with New Logo

11th August, United Kingdom

To celebrate our 6th birthday, Key Traceability are proud to introduce our new logo.

Six years ago, when Key Traceability was just getting started, we commissioned a local artist to create our first logo.

The result was a small quay featuring a dock, a vessel on the water and keys below the surface, representing fish. It’s a portrayal of what Key Traceability stands for because we believe that we are the key in enabling organisations to unlock their sustainability objectives around seafood.

However, over the years we have come to be referred to simply as ‘KT’. To reflect this evolution, we wanted a logo that’s more concise and translates across the seafood industry we serve internationally, and we think we’ve found what we’ve been looking for.

We love our new look and hope you do too!

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