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Key Traceability can help you with your Social Responsibility

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

FisheryProgress launched its Human Rights and Social Responsibility Policy last month with the objective of this policy being to help FIPs reduce the risk of human and labor rights abuses and to provide a common framework for reporting on social performance in fisheries. All FIPs reporting on are required to comply with the policy.

Here at Key Traceability, we have the skills, experience and personnel required to guide your fishery through this new process including carrying out the Social Responsibility Assessment Tool (SRA) and delivering on vessel social audits to provide full transparency for you and your supply chain. KT meets all FisheryProgress requirements and will be able to deliver this piece of work to ensure compliance with the new policy. In addition, Key Traceability currently manages 20 FIPs globally and has extensive experience in the environmental element and the FisheryProgress programme.

Our Social Systems qualified Lead Auditors (SA 8000) have conducted over 100 third-party fishing vessel social audits to private company standards and supplier codes of conduct. We have visited ports across the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific oceans, and interviewed hundreds of fishers of multiple different nationalities. The findings from our audits contribute towards situational knowledge, informing policy and procedural changes, and fleet improvement actions.

The development of our fishing vessel auditing system is expert-driven, created in conjunction with industry specialists, trade unions, and with incorporation of SA 8000, SAAS, and ISO 19011 principles. Our audits are conducted with a strong focus on independence of auditing and robustness of findings. Most of our social auditors also have qualifications in quality management systems (ISO 9001) lead auditing, an approach integrated across our auditing system.

For more information, please contact Lia at

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