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Worker Voice on Fishing Vessels

On 23rd November Global Seafood Assurances released the white paper on Worker Voice on Fishing Vessels. Key Traceability is proud to have delivered the research and been a part of such an in depth and thorough review of existing ‘Fisher Voice’ mechanisms on-board fishing vessels.

Key Traceability Consultant Ms. Lia Hayman sums up the research as “bringing forward the existing mechanisms and terms in relation to Worker Voice on fishing vessels, to provide a starting point for future works on building a consensus on definitions and terms and best practice approaches.”

The research was conducted over the course of several months and included desk-based research, one to one interviews and a global outreach survey across 47 countries. The topic of Worker Voice and Grievance Mechanisms for fishers is incredibly important to the fundamental works of Key Traceability.

The intent was to collate meanings and understanding of the terms Worker Voice and Grievance Mechanism as they relate to those working on fishing vessels around the world. The project team aimed to reach as far globally as possible to include insight from large NGOs to fishers themselves. The report touches on several conclusions made based on the research conducted and we hope this insight will bring forth a positive reaction to future discussions on initiatives and mechanisms.

The complete white paper can be found here:

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