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Web-post on the ETF/EUROPECHE Steering Committee Meeting – 27/05/2020

Key Traceability attended the 3rd steering committee meeting for the ‘Pillars of the Sea 2: Project Implementing Part of the SSDC Work Programme’ alongside the European Transport Workers’ Federation and EUROPECHE.

Key Traceability presented on the development of the guidelines on the recruitment of migrant fishers.

The deliverables of the project so far have been a mapping paper detail all relevant legislation, conventions, standards, etc. relating to the recruitment of migrant fishers and three contract models have been drafted.

During the conference Key Traceability presented the main points from each of the contract models for discussion and feedback. The feedback gathered will be inputted into the draft contract models ready for finalisation. In addition, a checklist style guidelines document has been developed based on the knowledge and work conducted for fishing vessel owners to utilise when at the point of recruitment of migrant fishers.

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