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IDH Environmental Footprint of Aquaculture Panel Event

KT is proud to be a part of the Secretariat of the Sustainable Trade Initiatives Environmental Footprint of Aquaculture. IDH created and facilitates a pre-competitive Aquaculture Working Group, consisting of companies and organisations that can prioritize issues, start projects, create metrics and a methodology and can learn together. The aim of the group is to better measure and reduce the environmental footprint of Aquaculture. By working together, companies can co-develop, test and scale solutions that they could not achieve on their own. With the added benefit that results will be comparable, with other supply chains, aquaculture products and proteins.

As part of this, IDH Aquaculture Program Manager, Lisa van Wageningen will host a panel event at the Seafood Expo Global in Barcelona on the 26th of April. This panel discussion will describe 'How to Measure and Reduce Carbon Emissions in Tropical Aquaculture – Lessons Learned from the IDH Aquaculture Working Group on Environmental Footprint'. Panel guests include Working Group members from Hilton Seafood, Seafresh, Sustainable Shrimp Partnership and Blonk Sustainability tools.

Key Traceability and IDH will be present at the Expo along side the panel event and are welcome to anyone interested to learn more on this work. Contact Charlie to find out more information on this, and also see the seafood expo website for further details on the panel discussion.

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