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Fue Shin Fishery makes large sustainability commitment with Key Traceability

Fue Shin Fishery (FSF) has proudly made a large commitment to the future of fishing in the Pacific Ocean. FSF, along with affiliated vessels, have initiated a Fishery Improvement Project (FIP) with Key Traceability aiming to promote long term sustainable longline tuna fishing in the Pacific Ocean.

On 1 April 2020, Hao Mai from Key Traceability (KT Asia) visited the FSF office to host the first Steering Group meeting, in which he summarised the results of the pre-assessment and the details of the action plan of the FIP for the coming 5 years. Together with Key Traceability, FSF signed the MoU and are looking forward to seeing the positive changes in the Pacific Longline tuna fishing industry as they move towards obtaining MSC certification. Even though this signing occurred on April Fools, the team feel ensuring the future of seafood for the future while making minimal impacts on the ecosystem is no joke. The FIP shall soon be publicly listed on

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