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KT Help TNC and Thai Union Commit to Improve Transparency

Updated: May 10, 2022

Key Traceability is proud to work with TNC and Thai Union on this commitment to improve full supply-chain transparency in its global tuna supply chains. Thai Union has partnered with global conservation NGO, The Nature Conservancy (TNC) on a commitment to provide full supply-chain transparency in its global tuna supply chains. In doing so, Thai Union will work with TNC to implement 100% monitoring of its tuna supply chain by 2025 with the help of Key Traceability who are leading some of Thai Union’s biggest Fishery Improvement Projects (FIPs). Key Traceability brought the two organisations together with a common interest in improving transparency and have been actively involved in the conversations between TNC and Thai Union which has led to this milestone commitment. The work from this commitment will include installing electronic monitoring (EM) on all Thai Union suppliers including onboard video cameras, GPS, and sensors to track activities on board and/or human observers.

Key Traceability will continue to coordinate the FIPs and provide scientific and practical expertise for operating the electronic monitoring systems on Thai Union supplier vessels. The installation and operation of EM forms part of the FIP and relies heavily on the relationship between the FIP leads and the FIP participants. At Key Traceability we believe that having observers (electronic or human) on board fishing vessels limits the risk of IUU which can lead to overfishing, unsustainable levels of bycatch, and has links to forced labour. The partnership brings progress in the right direction and will see the joint advocacy and engagement with governments, regulators, and supply chain actors to drive progress towards 100% monitoring at sea by 2025 within its European wild caught supply chains. The Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission continues to suspend observer coverage on purse seine vessels, which may be inadvertently creating issues for fishery sustainability and demonstrates the need for partnerships like this. Without proper monitoring poor practices can lead to IUU fishing. As a result of this Key Traceability asked for greater transparency within the industry that these practices are occurring and as such KT is extremely proud to have played an active role in this commitment towards changing transparency.

Tom Evans, FIP Lead at KT, said:

“This partnership shows the true intent of both companies on their journey to improve sustainability on a global scale. This collaboration will allow for full supply chain transparency and ensure consumers that their seafood has been harvested in the best possible manner by increasing the quality and quantity of vital data”.

KT continues to work to progress towards sustainability in fisheries, both environmental and social.

For more information on the commitment from Thai Union and TNC read more here

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